Improving our buildings helps preserve affordable housing, contributes to a healthier environment, and provides local work opportunities.

Our goal is as basic as it is bold: Smarter energy use for all.

Elevate Energy is a community of thinkers and doers who believe that everyone should have the access to resources that enable more efficient energy use.

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Visible Value for High Performance Homes in Real Estate

January 26, 2015

Often, when homeowners make improvements to an existing house, the most important aspects of home performance – including safety, comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and environmental impact – are invisible during key steps of any home sale or refinance transaction. One result is that energy efficiency investments are overlooked or inaccurately valued at the time of a [...]

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Four Things You Need to Know to Improve your Electric-Heated Apartment Building Today

January 15, 2015

Many Chicago apartment buildings are electrically heated – meaning that the primary heat source is delivered via electricity, rather than natural gas or other sources. A $1.6 million joint initiative from the City of Chicago and Elevate Energy will improve the energy efficiency of 2,500 electric-heated apartment units across the city, saving owners and tenants [...]

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