Value for High Performance Homes



A lot of great work has happened at the intersection of energy efficiency and real estate. As such, we’ve published a timeline of events over the last year. Taken together, the milestones demonstrate real progress toward making visible value a reality. The milestones also indicate trends for 2016 and beyond, including an emphasis on “auto-population” of home energy information that embraces data standards. Click here to access and share the timeline.

ForSaleOften, when homeowners make improvements to an existing house, the most important aspects of home performance – including safety, comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and environmental impact – are invisible during key steps of any home sale or refinance transaction. One result is that energy efficiency investments are overlooked or inaccurately valued at the time of a home sale.

It’s important to make these features visible for an entire chain of stakeholders, including the high performance builder or contractor, agent, appraiser, underwriter, lender – and ultimately, the consumer.

The outcome is that energy efficient features become visible and can be accurately valued when a home is sold.

This lays the groundwork for a virtuous cycle in which homeowners are eager to invest in energy efficiency improvements because they know that they can recover some or all of their investments at the time of the home sale.

The Value for High Performance Homes campaign is about creating the infrastructure for the high performance home transaction so that upgrades are transparent to the market – encouraging their fair value.

What is a high performance home? We define a high performance home as a new or existing home that uses less resources via design, technology, energy efficiency improvements, and building products across the entire home building and site, taking into account elements such as storm water management, safety, disaster resistance and durability, air sealing and insulation, and indoor air quality.

Who Belongs Here?

We’re a group of real estate, appraisal, and energy efficiency professionals working together to remove barriers and demonstrate the value of energy efficient and high performance homes in the single family market. We work across the entire chain of real estate stakeholders, including the home seller, high performance builder or contractor, listing agent, buyer’s agent, appraiser, underwriter, lender, and home buyer.

What Will You Find Here?

This campaign is a hub to highlight progress toward improving the transaction process for high performance homes.

There is no one forum where this group comes together to identify barriers and test solutions in the market. The Value for High Performance Homes campaign is needed to advance what’s already working, share resources, accelerate learning, improve evolving ideas, and highlight progress.

We’ve added a “Find a Speaker” section to help you get involved and connect with real people who are making progress in the field. You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter or get in touch with us.

Since 2011, Elevate Energy has been playing a facilitator role to align the process, players, and assets needed to make energy efficiency value visible during the real estate transaction. As a provider of regional energy efficiency programs, we understand that future success is dependent upon energy efficiency becoming transparent in the real estate transaction of high performance homes.

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