About Elevate Energy

Who We Are

We design and implement programs that reduce costs, protect people and the environment, and ensure the benefits of clean and efficient energy use reach those who need them most.

Elevate Energy seeks to create a world in which everyone has clean and affordable heat, power, and water in their homes and communities — no matter who they are or where they live. Making the benefits and services of the clean energy economy accessible to everyone is how we fight climate change while supporting equity.

We want to work with everyone we can to help them reduce their energy costs and improve their quality of life — from homeowners, renters, and building owners, to nonprofit organizations, utilities, and municipalities. Our team builds strong connections in the places we work and delivers high-quality programs and services that contribute to healthy, thriving communities.

Download our program guide to learn more about Elevate Energy, or watch our team show you what we’re all about.

Our Impact

kWh Saved


That's enough to run 5,430 refrigerators for one year!

Gas Therms Saved


That's enough to heat 12,186 average apartment units for one year!

Units Retrofitted

Total Investments in Energy Efficiency


Jobs Created


Metric Tons CO2e Saved


That’s the same greenhouse gas emissions released from 17,277 average passenger vehicles every year.

Walking the Walk

We work to help people achieve smarter energy use all day, and we’re making sure we hold ourselves to the same standards.

  • Our first office was a 1920’s weaving factory, which we renovated to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum status in 2005, making it the second building in Chicago to achieve this level of designation.
  • Our second office space had a large paved lot that we tore up to create a rain garden that reduced runoff and created an oasis alongside our busy, gritty street.
  • At our current home in Chicago’s West Loop, we improved our space to achieve LEED Certification at the Gold Level.
  • We recycle our paper, plastic, and glass, sure, but we even recycle our food scraps by using a commercial composting service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Elevate Energy funded?

We’re funded through a mix of grants and contracts. Foundations support some of our programs. Utilities and government agencies hire us to implement their programs or provide technical assistance. We also provide consulting services to building owners and developers.

Can anyone sign up for your programs?

Definitely! We want to work with anyone and everyone to save energy. That said, we are most focused on ensuring economically disadvantaged communities receive the benefits of clean and efficient energy use.

Where do you work?

We want to spread smarter energy use far and wide, and we’ll work just about anywhere to make it happen! See where we’re currently working. If you have a project you’d like to collaborate with us on, get in touch.