Our Programs and Projects

At Elevate Energy, we design and implement efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most.

Here are the programs we are involved with.

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Program 

We administer ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program, an hourly electricity pricing program for residential electricity consumers in the ComEd territory. The program allows households to pay the hourly, wholesale market price for electricity, providing more control and opportunity for savings on energy bills.

Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing

We also administer Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing, an hourly electricity pricing program for residential electricity consumers in Ameren Illinois territory. Hourly electricity pricing lets consumers pay lower electricity prices during off-peak hours such as nights and weekends, giving them more control over their household energy bills.

Ameren Illinois Peak Time Rewards®

The Peak Time Rewards program rewards eligible residential customers, served by Ameren Illinois, with credits on their bill for reducing electricity usage during times of high electricity demand.

AirSealing_and_Insulation_Page_2Energy Efficient Building Services 

Elevate Energy’s full-service efficiency program provides practical, easy, and affordable upgrades to buildings. Our team guides building owners and managers through the entire retrofit process and can help owners save 30 percent on utility and maintenance costs.

Energy Planning

Since 2004, energy planners at Elevate Energy have worked to integrate energy and sustainability planning and align these efforts with traditional planning processes. Energy is recognized as an increasingly important factor in urban planning. Our planners work with municipalities, counties, and regional planning agencies to analyze how growth will impact energy consumption and to develop comprehensive plans for managing increasing energy needs while minimizing costs, service disruptions, and environmental impacts.

Our team of planning professionals and energy analysts take a comprehensive approach to regional energy planning. We analyze an area’s current and projected energy use, capitalizing on utility data obtained through unprecedented data-sharing agreements. We also assess future energy needs and the potential for reducing energy consumption through a detailed analysis that includes forecasting energy consumption based on the impacts of population growth and changing land use patterns. Our work includes plans in municipalities, counties, and regions across Illinois, as well as several smaller roles in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Knoxville and Memphis in Tennessee.
Examples of Elevate Energy’s planning work:

SmartMeterSmart Grid Education

As part of a grant from the Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation, Elevate Energy is educating, engaging, and empowering consumers to harness the benefits of the smart grid. We are leading a state-wide program of community-based outreach, house parties, and face-to-face communication about smart grid and smart meters. A subgrant includes a faith-based component led by Faith in Place.

Solar Energy Resources

Elevate Energy is exploring the best ways to assist building owners, municipal agencies, nonprofits, and others who are interested in preparing for and installing solar electric and solar thermal systems. One way we’re doing so is by helping Cook County manage a federally funded effort to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to directly participate in and benefit from the growth of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation through community solar installations. If you are interested in learning more about the solar energy opportunities for your building or organization, please contact us at .

Energy Benchmarking

Since 2007, Elevate Energy has benchmarked more than 43 million square feet of commercial, municipal, and multifamily building stock. Benchmarking, or regular measurement and disclosure of a building’s energy use, is an important tool to drive market forces toward investment in improving energy efficiency of buildings. Read more about how we are helping the City of Chicago implement its new energy benchmarking ordinance for large buildings.

Municipal Street Lighting Incentives

streetlight-photosElevate Energy is the administrator of the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Municipal Street Lighting incentive program. The program offers municipalities an incentive to upgrade municipally-owned street lights to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Current or future projects that will be completed by May 15, 2017 are eligible. If you are interested in speaking with us about the program and/or starting an incentive application, fill out this form and a program coordinator will contact you.

Valuing High Performance Homes

Elevate Energy leads a group of real estate and energy efficiency professionals who are working together voluntarily to remove barriers to and demonstrate the value of energy efficient and high performance homes in the single family market. The purpose of this work is to create the infrastructure for the high performance home transaction so that upgrades are transparent to the market, encouraging their fair value. The high performance home deserves and needs an improved process because what makes these homes special is often invisible to the naked eye, such as high-quality insulation in the attic. It is important to make these features visible for an entire chain of stakeholders, including the high performance builder or contractor, listing agent, buyer’s agent, appraiser, underwriter, lender, and ultimately the consumer. Read more here

EI2_HPH_Page_2Energy Impact Illinois

Energy Impact Illinois is an alliance of utilities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations thathelps communities in the Chicago metropolitan area become more energy efficient. The program helps homeowners overcome barriers that often prevent them from making their homes more energy efficient, including offering low- or no-cost energy assessments, instant rebates to cover upfront costs, and qualified contractors to do the home improvements.