Expanding Multifamily Energy Efficiency Nationwide

Elevate Energy’s vision is to provide a blueprint to accelerate the growth of leading-edge energy efficiency programs for multifamily housing that results in unprecedented nationwide energy savings. We’re working with partners in fourteen locations to make our vision a reality.

Energy efficiency in multifamily buildings has the potential to reduce energy costs 15-30 percent (saving $3.4 billion annually), while helping to keep rent affordable and tenants comfortable.

Our program is based on the success of Elevate Energy’s full-service multifamily program in Chicago, which has retrofit more than 20,000 units, saved building owners $42 million, and created more than 500 local jobs.

What We Offer

Elevate Energy, in collaboration with New Ecology, Inc., is developing full-service multifamily programs in key markets, modeled after our Chicago program. We connect local organizations with start-up capital and help design and develop energy efficiency programs for the hard-to-reach affordable multifamily housing sector. We provide:

  • Proven systems and business models that can be adapted to diverse markets
  • Established QA/QC processes
  • Access to start-up capital and financing
  • Collaboration with fellow industry experts to share best practices

In the process of developing our network, we talked with organizations across the country who were attempting to create their own multifamily energy efficiency programs. We realized the same challenges faced each of these programs:

  • Operations support: “We’re growing so fast that we’re trying to build these systems ourselves. I wish we didn’t all have to come up with our own systems.”
  • Financing assistance: “If we had reliable funding that we knew we could count on, we could certainly serve a lot more people.”
  • Communications training: “The biggest issue is ‘energy illiteracy.’ There is a lack of understanding of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.”
  • Policy advising: “Pushing energy efficiency in the multifamily sector requires cooperation from local utilities.”

Current Projects

elevate-symbolChicago: Since 2007, Elevate Energy has retrofit more than 20,000 units of affordable multifamily housing in the Chicago region. In collaboration with our lending partner, Community Investment Corporation (CIC), Elevate Energy is able to provide Chicago-area building owners with a full suite of energy efficiency services including site assessment, contractor selection, construction management, project financing, and post-retrofit monitoring.

Central and Southern Illinois: Elevate Energy is expanding its Chicago-based program to Central and Southern Illinois in collaboration with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Illinois Housing Development Agency, and Enterprise Community Partners. We are helping owners to complete energy baselines of affordable multifamily properties. Click here if you’re interested in applying.


Michigan: Elevate Energy is helping Michigan Energy Options (MEO) launch a full-service energy efficiency initiative focused on serving the affordable multifamily sector. Elevate Energy provided MEO with program management infrastructure using a customized Salesforce interface, templates and tools including audit reports and an energy savings calculator, and communications and outreach support. With start-up funds from Consumer Energy and support from Elevate Energy, Michigan Energy Options is serving the low-income sector with energy efficiency services.

ActionHousingIncPennsylvania: Elevate Energy is providing Pittsburgh organization Action Housing with technical expertise, tools, and templates to help establish “The One Stop,” an energy efficiency services initiative serving affordable housing partners in western Pennsylvania.

RREAVirginia: Elevate Energy is supporting the Richmond Region Energy Alliance to complete energy baselines of up to 100 Richmond area affordable multifamily properties to build regional interest and support for an energy efficiency program.

GCELouisiana: In collaboration with New Ecology, Inc. and Green Coast Enterprises, Elevate Energy is supporting the start-up of an energy services company that provides Southeastern U.S. building owners access to energy efficiency expertise as well as building energy management services.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about our program, please contact Abigail Corso at 1-773-321-2663 or .

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