Lead in Water Resource Program Application

Lead in Water Resource Program 

Please Note:

The Lead in Water Resource Program helps home-based child care providers in the Chicago metro area with lead in water testing costs and short-term mitigation strategies. To apply, please complete this online application form and click submit at the bottom of the page. If you would like to request a paper application form, please call us at 312-300-7074

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Please indicate if you meet the following program eligibility requirements:

If yes, how much did you spend on lead in water testing costs? Proof of receipt or invoice is required.

Regardless of whether you have completed your lead in water testing, we will send a free water pitcher and faucet mount filter to the address listed above. If you are applying to receive reimbursement but don’t want a pitcher and faucet mount filter, please let us know below.


Required Documentation:

Terms and Conditions:

The Lead in Water Resource Program is subject to all applicable terms and conditions including, but not limited to, applicable law and requirements for eligibility.  Subject to applicable law, Elevate Energy shall have no liability to the applicant or any other person in connection with this application, the Lead in Water Resource Program, or otherwise including, but not limited to, for any liability for special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages. Applicant agrees that applicant will not assert, and hereby waives, any claim against Elevate Energy on any theory of liability. Elevate Energy does not make any warranty or representation of any kind, including that any services, materials or equipment provided will result in lead reduction or any benefit of any kind, including any economic or health benefit. To the extent allowable, Elevate Energy will pass through to applicant any manufacturer’s warranty for any materials or products provided to applicant. Applicant agrees to pursue any warranty claims directly with the manufacturer. The person submitting this application agrees that he or she has the authority to submit this application on behalf of the applicant named above, to agree to the terms of this application and to commit the applicant to participate in the Lead in Water Resource Program if this application is approved by Elevate Energy.  Elevate Energy may use any information or data it obtains from applicant in any manner including, but not limited to, research, program evaluation and reporting requirements.  Elevate Energy will de-identify any such applicant information or data prior to public disclosure.