Renewable Chicago Project

The Renewable Chicago Project was launched in July of 2017, led by the Mayor’s Office and facilitated by Elevate Energy. This project set out to engage internal and external stakeholders to inform the development of renewable energy deployment strategies that meet the Mayor’s commitment to power the City’s more than 900 buildings with renewable energy by 2025.

A working group was established that includes members of the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Fleet and Facility Management (2FM), Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago park District, Chicago Transportation Authority, City Colleges, as well as community and industry leaders. Through a series of facilitated work sessions, the working group addressed issues critical to the development of a robust renewables deployment strategy that not only meets the requirements of the Mayor’s commitment, but also considers the complexities of carbon accounting, energy management, non-energy benefits and leveraging deployment to help overcome community and industry barriers. Download the project deliverables to learn more.

As the renewables industry launches in Illinois in 2018 with the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, the opportunities for Chicago are tremendous, with more than $10 billion in renewables investment anticipated across the state over the next twelve years. How the City approaches this emerging industry and how it implements their renewable deployment strategy can have a profound impact on City agencies, communities, and the renewables industry.