Our research and policy analysis is integral to the results our innovative programs achieve.

Within Elevate Energy, research and policy staff work to improve the performance of our programs and to design new ones. Outside our organization, we help others build on our understanding by providing technical assistance, shaping policy, and suggesting pathways to bring our best practices to scale.

Commonwealth Edison’s Anonymous Data Service: A Review and Recommendations


Energy Efficiency: A Step Closer to Financial Sustainability for Michigan Nonprofits


Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Michigan Housing


Fact Sheet: Energy Burden in Illinois


Fact Sheet: Energy Burden in Michigan


2017 Elevate Energy Research Agenda


Fact Sheet: Chicago Multifamily Segmentation Analysis


Making Sense of Your Multifamily Housing Stock


Success by the Numbers

Improving the energy efficiency of existing multifamily apartment buildings reduces operating costs, helps preserve affordable housing, improves tenant comfort, and contributes to a better environment. Have a look at the positive impacts of our energy efficient service for multifamily buildings.

kWh Saved


That's enough to run 3,388 refrigerators for one year!

Gas Therms Saved


That's enough to heat 9,932 average apartment units for one year!

Units Retrofitted

Total Investments in Energy Efficiency


Jobs Created


Metric Tons CO2 Saved


That’s the same greenhouse gas emissions released from 13,210 average passenger vehicles every year.

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A Segmentation of Chicago’s Multifamily Market to Improve Program Design

January 25, 2017

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