Promoting Smarter Energy Policies

Susanne_StelmasekMcKibbin_0113a1Elevate Energy’s policy team works to promote federal, state, and local laws and policies that maximize the community, economic, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency and dynamic pricing. With extensive experience as an energy program administrator, Elevate Energy offers a unique perspective and works across constituencies to solve problems.

Recent Successes

  • We collaborated with utilities, state agencies, environmental organizations, and consumer and affordable housing advocates to add millions of dollars in energy efficiency program offerings
  • We weighed in on the development of new data access protocols
  • We offered our expertise in statewide energy legislation discussions
  • We supported the energy planning process for Iowa
  • We promoted the growth of community solar, among many other efforts.

Weighing in on National Energy Policies

jmDuring 2014, as a result of the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the Elevate Energy policy team began working with a variety of stakeholders to shape carbon emission policies in Illinois. In 2016, we significantly expanded that effort in response to the release of the EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program, which focuses specifically on energy efficiency and low-income communities. Elevate policy staff, energy efficiency contractors, and passionate building owners delivered testimony at the EPA’s only public hearing held here in Chicago in August 2016. This effort helped publicize the value of bringing energy efficiency to the communities that need it most.

Helping Illinois Customers Harness the Power of the Smart Grid

At the state level, regulations that allow for responsible access to customer energy use data are essential to unleashing the full potential of the smart grid and creating more effective energy efficiency programs. In 2014, Elevate Energy successfully protected access to anonymous energy use data through our work at the Illinois Commerce Commission. Over the course of 2015-2016, we continued working to ensure that customers have the right to share their personal energy data with energy service providers and researchers.

Collaborative Partnerships

To ensure energy efficiency is part of the clean energy transition, our policy team members sit on the Boards of the Illinois Environmental Council and Women’s Energy Network Chicago, and work with Energy Efficiency for All, RE-AMP, and the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group.

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