Solar for Nonprofits

solar panels church nonprofitNonprofit organizations are commonly challenged with a greater energy burden as a percentage of revenue than most other organizations. At the same time, many common benefits and incentives available to private or for-profit organizations are not available to nonprofits, such as the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation of solar (MACRs).

While energy efficiency remains the most cost-effective energy management strategy, nonprofit property owners that have taken steps towards more energy efficient properties may benefit from integrating solar energy into their long-term energy strategy. The 2016 Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act has specifically made Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) available to nonprofits and will also offer additional direct solar incentives. Now may be the best time to consider solar for your nonprofit property.

Building a solar project model that maximizes incentives can be complex. Integrating tax credits, incentives, and SRECs requires ownership and contract structures that are not typical owner purchase-finance or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Elevate Energy has worked with nonprofit organizations for more than a decade to plan and manage their energy. We can help you compare solar business models and integrate solar into a more comprehensive, long-term energy plan.

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