The Visible Value Blueprint

When homeowners make improvements to their homes, the most important aspects of home performance—safety, comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and environmental impact—are not visible during a home sale or refinance transaction. As a result, energy efficiency investments are often overlooked or inaccurately valued at a home's time of sale.

Elevate Energy and the Home Performance Council published a blueprint to making energy efficiency visible during the real estate transaction process. Unlocking the Value of an Energy Efficient Home: A Blueprint to Make Energy Efficiency Improvements Visible in the Real Estate Market outlines seven steps to unlock the value of energy efficiency in the real estate market.

About the Steps of the Blueprint

The first four steps are critical for energy efficiency programs. They’re also achievable; we’ve seen great success stories across the country.

Steps five and six incorporate data into the appraisal process and develop IT solutions. These may require additional budget and resource investment.

Step seven, working with partner financial institutions, is a broader issue, and not one that energy efficiency programs can likely achieve on their own. Instead, awareness of step seven is a logical goal for now, as consistent documentation can influence the process down the road for assigning qualified appraisers to efficient home valuations.

In general, collaboration and communication are crucial to moving through the steps. The good news is we’ve got some great tools and resources to help us, and we’re seeing progress!

The Learning Network

In January 2014, Elevate Energy created the Learning Network forum for individuals and groups that have been on the forefront of market transformation. Members of the forum share their insights, solutions to barriers, and best practices. Some of the members have already accomplished steps of the Visible Value Blueprint and are able to help others in their region.

Learning Network Members