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When homeowners make energy efficiency upgrades to their home, those improvements often go unnoticed. Unlike granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, sealed air gaps and insulation aren’t immediately visible, and they are frequently overlooked or inaccurately valued at the time of sale.

Fortunately, when energy efficient features are taken into account during the home selling and buying process, they have the chance to be accurately valued at the time of sale. This lays the groundwork for a virtuous cycle in which homeowners are eager to invest in energy efficiency improvements because they know they will be able to recover some or all of their investment when they sell their home.

What is a High Performance Home?

We define a high performance home as one that uses fewer resources—like energy and water—than a typical home. High performance homes often have a third-party issued verification that demonstrates that the home meets a set of minimum standards. Click on the infographic above to learn more.

Value for High Performance Homes Initiative

ForSale_SmallThe Value for High Performance Homes (VHPH) Initiative is about making the invisible visible and demonstrating the value of high performance homes in the single family market. The VHPH Initiative highlights what’s already working, shares resources, facilitates conversations across real estate and energy efficiency industries, improves evolving ideas, and highlights progress. We do this through the VHPH webpage, the Visible Value Blueprint, our quarterly news alert, and the Learning Network.

Who Belongs Here?

Anyone interested in making the value of high performance homes visible in the real estate market belongs here. This includes energy efficiency advocates, real estate professionals, home owners, sellers and buyers, high performance builders or contractors, appraisers, underwriters, and lenders. It’s important to make high performance features visible for all stakeholders.

Elevate Energy’s Role

Since 2011, Elevate Energy has been a facilitator, aligning the process, players, and assets needed to make energy efficiency value visible during the real estate transaction. As a provider of regional energy efficiency programs, we understand that future success is dependent upon the energy efficiency of high performance homes becoming transparent in the real estate industry.