Value for High-Performing Homes

Elevate Energy’s real estate team works to ensure that high-performing homes—those using clean energy and fewer energy and water resources—are consistently and fairly valued when bought and sold. This lays the groundwork for a cycle in which homeowners are eager to invest in high-performing improvements because they know they will be able to recover some or all of their investment when they sell their home.

Elevate Energy acts as a facilitator, both nationally and locally, aligning the process, players, and assets needed to make the value of high-performing upgrades visible in the real estate transaction.

Elevate Energy’s team of experts have been instrumental in answering questions, providing resources, and connecting us to industry stakeholders in our efforts to green the MLS directories in North Carolina.

Ryan Miller, Founder & Executive Director, North Carolina Building Performance Association

What is a High-Performing Home?

We define a high-performing home as one that uses fewer resources—like energy and water—than a typical home. High-performing homes often have a third-party issued verification that demonstrates that the home meets a set of minimum standards.

high performance homes